Imago Vita Workshop

Imago Vita Photography Workshop from Amy Teague on Vimeo.

January month was filled to the brim with CreativeLIVE, flowing out of my computer, turned up way too loud in the speakers, and me falling asleep with my laptop on my face.  I couldn’t get enough of Sue Bryce and Hailey Bartholomew.  The world of photography expanded and all the little tingly bits of creativity responded with, “I MUST LEARN HOW TO DO THIS!” Fast-forward many months, a new lens and new gear and a new spark of motivation, hours upon hours of practice and planning, and I’m sharing my first fruit. I want to tell stories.  It may be a love story or how a family welcomes another baby, a first step or the documentation of an artist’s work… I want to tell it, to capture it, to set it to music and make people see the world through new eyes.  Stories have the power to shake us up and call us to action, to cause us to laugh and see our children for the little people they are, to remind us how life moves at lightening speed and all we have left at the end are pictures and memories. I want people’s stories to be told. Thank you, Shannon, for allowing me to sneak into your shots and sessions and invade your life.  I’m so happy God brought our worlds together when He did!  I love you and I love telling your story.  Shine on.

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